Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Lineage of the Prophet

The lineage of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) can be traced back to Prophet Ismael, the son of Abraham, through Adnan. Adnan was a descendent twenty-one generations removed. Thus, the northern Arabs, of which the family of Holy Prophet was a member, were called Ismaelites or Adnanis. (The other branch of Arabs was the Kahtanis, who resided in southern Arabia.) The lineage of Prophet Muhammad, traced back to Adnan, is known to be as follows: Muhammed, son of Abdullah, son of Abdulmuttalib (Shayba), son of Hashim, son of Abdumanaf, son of Qusay, son of Kilab, son of Murra, son of Ka‘b, son of Luey, son of Galib, son of Fihr (Quraish), son of Malik, son of Nadr, son of Kinana, son of Huzayma, son of Mudrika, son of Ilyas, son of Mudar, son of Nizar, son of Mead, son of Adnan. Prophet Muhammad was the son of Abdullah bin Abdulmuttalib, who was a member of the Hashimite family of the Quraish tribe, which was the Adnani branch of the descendents of Prophet Ismael.

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