Tuesday, October 17, 2023

The mask of the 'civilized West' has fallen


Gazze'den kaçan annenin feryadı: Benim çocuklarım bunu hak etmek için ne  yaptı?
The United Kingdom and the US are the ones who thrust the dagger they call "Israel" into the heart of the region. First, the hilt of the dagger was in the hands of the British. After World War II, the hilt of the dagger passed into the hands of the United States, and the United Kingdom assumed the role of the "follower." While the US and its followers supposedly pledged the "two-state solution," it was nothing more than a ruse. In reality, it was the steady, gradual annexation of the occupied territories. The problem for the US and its followers is that Netanyahu and his partners have accelerated illegal settlements so much that it's impossible to ignore.
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Israel does not want a "two-state solution." The US and its followers are merely pretending to "want" it. Israel wants all Palestinians to accept annexation, pack up, and leave their homes. While the US unconditionally arms Israel, it advises patience to the Palestinians, who are turned into pariahs in their own land. Israel, relying on the unwavering support of the US, acts knowing that its crimes will go unpunished. The vetoes of the US, the UK, and France, three of the Five Permanent Members of the UN Security Council, are in Israel's pocket, which is why the "two-state solution" has become obsolete.

The US and its Western allies impose sanctions on Russia for the alleged violation of the so-called "rules-based international order" in the Crimea by using force. In 2019, then-US President Donald Trump formally approved Israel's annexation of the Golan Heights. Current President Joe Biden, who continuously talks about the rules-based international order, has not even attempted to reverse this disgraceful decision made by Trump. The other two Western countries of the UN Security Council, however, content themselves with grumbling. Does the Western world raise its voice about the annexation of the Golan now?

Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission, described Russia's attacks on civilian infrastructure in Ukraine as "war crimes." Von der Leyen stated in the European Parliament, "Depriving men, women, and children of water, electricity, and heat as winter approaches - these are pure terrorist acts. We have to name it as it is." These same leaders are shamelessly turning a blind eye to Israel's atrocities in Gaza. Their concept of a rules-based international order is nothing but the "law of the powerful." According to this mentality, the powerful are exempt from the rules, and only the weak must comply.
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In the face of Israel's collective punishment of a population condemned to live in Gaza under siege from all sides, the Western world remains silent. For decades, they turned a blind eye to Israel's forced settlements in the West Bank. While the US pretends to solve the problem, the annexationists never stopped. As the US stands in the way of Palestinians, the annexationists continue their work.

The legitimacy of the so-called rules-based international order is being lost through the US. The narrative that supporting Israel is in the interests of the safe and sound North Americans surrounded by oceans is repeated. This narrative was also valid when the US devastated Iraq and Afghanistan. As the US constructs a "terror corridor" in Syria, the same narrative is reiterated.

The first Western invaders in America considered the indigenous peoples as "inferior." This mindset justified all kinds of oppression. The "natives" welcomed the invading settlers, who looked like them, with curious eyes, affection, and open arms, offering feasts and gifts. Behind their fake smiles, the invaders hid daggers. At the first opportunity, they plunged their daggers. The invaders demanded more ships and more soldiers than their patrons in Europe to exterminate the "savages."

The Israeli military claims it is fighting a war against "subhuman animals" to legitimize its massacres in Gaza. The so-called "civilized West" lines up behind Netanyahu, even described as "racist-fascist" by his political rivals. To facilitate Netanyahu's annihilation of "subhuman animals" in the prison called "Gaza," the US and the UK send the largest warships to the Eastern Mediterranean. The "civilized" facade of the West is crumbling. We already know their true face. Didn't Mehmet Akif describe the Western powers occupying our homeland in his 1921 "Independence March" as "the so-called civilization, the lone remaining monster with a single fang"?


Abdullah Muradoğlu

16/10/2023 Monday / YENİŞAFAK


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