Tuesday, October 17, 2023

The Palestinian issue wounds the conscience of humanity

 World War I has not ended yet. The colonial civilization of the West is the greatest calamity to befall humanity. Western colonial powers, while securing their own well-being and future for two centuries, condemned the rest of the world to wars and misery. Today, the ability of the Western colonial civilization to establish order is non-existent because all the rights and values they claim to be universal are, in practice, applicable only to themselves.

The Ottoman Empire had established a peaceful order in the Middle East. A century after the collapse of this order, dozens of states were formed in the region. Each of these states indirectly fell under the control of Western colonial powers through leaders with a colonial mindset. Regions with a dense Muslim population gained an implicit status of independence after a painful process. Meanwhile, the Palestinian people were abandoned to the genocide and cruelty of the State of Israel for a full 70 years.

İsrail, Gazze'ye saldırılarında uyarılara aldırmıyor - Son Dakika Haberleri

In fact, Judaism is a problem for Christians. Christians did not accept Islam and Judaism, two divine religions, in their natural state. They rejected Islam as idolatry and denigrated Jews as those who killed their own prophets. Since they did not accept Muslims into European lands, they did not live alongside them except in times of war.

Jews, on the other hand, lived like semi-nomadic, semi-refugee people in Western cities. During the day, they spread out to the city center, and at night, they were confined to ghettos. In the Western cities of the Middle Ages, Jews were seen as lepers, and all kinds of evil, even spiritual curses, were believed to come from Jews. For example, in Spain, it is said that pork meat was kept in Jewish houses so that their neighbors would think they were Christians.

It shouldn't be assumed that Christian animosity towards Jews is limited to what the Nazis did. Christian animosity and hatred towards Jews have flared up in Germany and other European countries after the expulsion of Jews from Spain at the end of the 15th century. This hatred continues to exist in societal undercurrents to this day.
İsrail, Gazze'ye tam abluka uygularken Biden'dan İran uyarısı | Euronews
5 gün önce

As a result, Jews have suffered all kinds of atrocities from Christians, such as hatred, persecution, ostracism, being confined to ghettos, being perceived as half-animal, half-creature in medieval England, expulsion, and massacre. However, in the face of these atrocities, they now apply the same to Muslims. In other words, the victim of yesterday has become the oppressor of today.

Judaism was a European problem. Zionists changed the route of the Jews to the promised lands. Western states also encouraged Jews to migrate and settle in Palestinian territories to get rid of them.

On a TV broadcast, the traitorous member of the FETÖ (Fethullahist Terrorist Organization), Cemal Uşak, once stated that he supported Zionism. Their treachery had not been officially recorded yet at that time. They continued to act as if they were on the side of justice. I told him that all nations have the right to acquire land, but I do not accept a right acquired through invasion, usurpation, and oppression. Only imperialists can put forward such sentences as easily as you do, and I showed my reaction. He silently withdrew and remained silent.

Israel's defined, legitimate borders do not exist. Zionists want to regain the promised lands in the millennium era. Large states, who are bound by international law, are operating their illegal affairs with their hired organizations for the past ten years. Western colonial civilization uses Israel as a kind of Wagner in the Middle East.

States are going blind, and consciences are awakening. The world is witnessing the genocide that Palestinian civilians face, as if the dogs are unleashed, and the stones are tied. Deliberate and purposeful genocide and oppression of civilians are not acceptable to human conscience.

The Palestinian issue, especially among Islamic countries, has begun to prick the conscience of the world again. Zionists will live in fear until the Day of Judgment. Their empires of fear, like their Iron Domes, will one day collapse. Just as in the 1970s, Palestine will regain a place in the hearts of humanity.

Israel's cruelty mercilessly kills every Palestinian, whether young, child, or elderly. There is a principle in the universe: "The one who lives with oppression and cruelty will have a miserable end." This violence will do nothing but exacerbate counter-violence.

In a TV program, a Zionist academic in Türkiye expressed the rottenness, corruption, and immorality within the oppressors by saying, "Shall we not kill those who cut up our children?" This is an expression of the dirty mindset. Power and might belong to the Almighty.


İhsan Aktaş

15/10/2023 / YENİŞAFAK


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